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Ice cream? Check.
Booze? Check.
Colorado-made? Check.

When I first heard about Bootleg Creamery’s alcohol-infused small batch ice cream, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. I mean, I’m a connoisseur of good ice cream anyway — and adding a little alcohol to the mix? And then packaging it in a way that you can eat it outside an ice cream shop? I just wondered why nobody had thought of it sooner!




Well, local liquor store owner Rohit Mukherjee wondered that, too, back in 2016. So he and his girlfriend set out to fill a very obvious void in the market — pints of alcohol-infused ice cream that you can buy in a liquor store and eat in the comfort of your own home.

Bootleg Creamery currently produces four different flavors:

  • Irish Coffee (dark roast coffee-flavored ice cream infused with whiskey and Irish cream, with cookies)
  • Mudslide Moo’d (chocolate ice cream, with vodka, coffee liqueur, and bits of brownie pieces)
  • Piña Moo’lada (pineapple-coconut ice cream infused with dark rum, with pineapple bits and coconut flakes added in)
  • Maple Bourbon (rich bourbon-infused sweet cream, with a swirl of maple syrup)

And for the purposes of this article, I tried the Irish Coffee and Mudslide Moo’d. (I mean, someone had to take one for the team!)

Was it delicious? Yep! Did I get a buzz? A bit. Each pint has a 6.25 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), which is slightly more than the alcoholic content of your average beer.

The Irish Coffee concoction was very rich with a stronger, deeper flavor than the Mudslide, which came across a little lighter, smoother, and sweeter (a sugary, more chocolaty taste). The cookie (Oreo, possibly?) pieces in the Irish Coffee and the brownie bits in the Mudslide were both delectable. I’d highly recommend either of these flavors, though you really need to like coffee to appreciate the Irish Coffee version. 

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The ice cream pints are available in select liquor stores throughout the Front Range, though according to Bootleg’s Facebook page, they’ve become so popular that they’ve had trouble keeping them in stock. (No surprise there!).


Even more locations? YES...


Thanks to all our fans we are exploding here at BC, its real tough keeping up with all the demand! We apologize for the limited supply, we are working on it. We have expanded to a bunch of new locations and will not stop until we are conveniently located to everyone that wants some! Here is a list of stores you can find us at (please call ahead as we sell out at most locations pretty fast):


Big Liquor Warehouse - Aurora  (I-225 at Alameda)

Gateway Liquors - Aurora  (E 40th Ave at Tower Rd)

Great Vines Liquors - Aurora (E-470 at E Smokey Hill Rd)

Hightpoint Liquors - Aurora (E Hampden Ave at S Tower Rd.)

Cornerstar Wine & Liquor - Aurora (E Arapahoe Rd & S Parker Rd.)



Boulder Liquor Mart - Boulder   (15th St at Canyon Blvd)


                        COLORADO SPRINGS

Interquest Liquors - Colorado Springs   (Interquest Pkwy at Voyager Pkwy)


                              CASTLE ROCK

Village South Wine & Spirits - Castle Rock   (N Ridge Rd at 5th St)



Denver Liquor Galaxy - Denver   (Hampden Ave at Yosemite)

Pecos Wine & Spirits - Denver (W 56th Ave at N Pecos St.)

Bottles&Bitters - Edgewater  (W 25th Ave. at Sheridan Ave)


                         GREENWOOD VILLAGE

Incredible Wine & Spirits - Greenwood Village   (N Ridge Rd at 5th St)



CJ's Liquors - Longmont  (I-25 at CO-119)

Wyatt's Wet Goods - Longmont (Ken Pratt Blvd at Hover St)



Bruin Spirits - Parker  (Dransfeldt Rd at S Twenty Mile Rd)

Parker Payless Liquors - Parker (S Parker Rd at Lincoln Ave)

Stroh Ranch Liquors - Parker (Parker Rd. at Stroh Rd.)



Daveco Liquors - Thornton  (I-25 at 168th Ave)

Boss Liquors - Thornton  (128th Ave at Holly)

Total Beverage Thornton - Thornton (E 104th Ave at Washington)



Willow Run Liquors - Westminster   (128th at Zuni)



More locations!

We've been busy expanding! We added a bunch of new stores to get your hands on some delicious, boozy BC Ice Cream! Check 'em out on our locations page! 

If we aren't at the store you normally shop at, remember to ask your local liquor store to stock us, give them our number or website!

Bootleg Creamery Brings Boozy Ice Cream Into Liquor Stores

FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017 AT 6:52 A.M.


Rohit Mukherjee owns a couple of local liquor stores, and late last year, he began thinking about a boozy gap in the market: Namely, there was no brand of alcoholic ice cream available on liquor-store shelves. "I'd seen the idea done in a shopfront...but we wanted people to be able to take something home to their party," he says. So he and his girlfriend bought an ice cream maker and began experimenting in their home kitchen. After the pair crafted a boozy eggnog ice cream that was a holiday hit, Mukherjee began thinking about scaling up. And so Bootleg Creamery was born, and Mukherjee began selling pints in a pair of liquor stores on March 10. 

Operating out of a commissary kitchen, Mukherjee currently makes four flavors: Mudslide Moo'd (a blend of chocolate, vodka, coffee liqueur and brownie bits), Irish Coffee (coffee ice cream with whiskey, Irish cream and cookies), Piña Moo'lada (pineapple-coconut ice cream with dark rum, pineapple and coconut flakes) and Maple Bourbon (exactly what it sounds like). "For our first few flavors, we really wanted to go across the spectrum and give people who really like certain things something they'd really enjoy," says Mukherjee. "For people that like chocolate ice cream, we really went for chocolate. For people who like coffee ice cream, we used dark roasted coffee." The Maple Bourbon has been a runaway success, says the owner, which he says surprised him, despite the fact that it was also his favorite. 

The goal, says Mukherjee, was to really highlight the alcohol, using classic cocktails as inspiration. The ice creams are made in small batches from a local dairy. And make no mistake: Bootleg's ice creams are alcoholic, weighing in at 6.25 percent ABV, the legal limit for alcohol-based confections. "We were pretty tipsy by end of first tasting," he says.

Mukherjee is working on developing new flavors, including a fruit-and-Champagne sorbet for summer, and seasonal recipes using apple and pumpkin for next fall. And he's quickly scaling up: he expects to announce two more liquor stores stocking his treats next week, and fourteen more throughout April. "We have plans to be in fifty stores by the end of the year," he divulges.

To accomplish that goal, though, he has to overcome a glaring obstacle: Liquor stores don't often have freezers. To get around that, Bootleg is delivering a freezer with its wares. "We're freighting in freezers right now and warehousing them. So, yeah, we've gone into the freezer business."

Look for Bootleg Creamery's pints at Willow Run Liquors, 12860 North Zuni Street in Westminster, and Big Liquor Warehouse at 100 South Abilene Street in Aurora, and watch the company's Facebook page for announcements regarding where it will be selling next. 

Laura Shunk was Westword's food critic from 2010-2012, and since returning to Denver in 2016, she's been a contributor covering food and news. A former food editor of the Village Voice and a former dining columnist in Beijing, the hardest assignment she's ever taken had her drinking ten martinis and eating ten caesar salads over the course of 48 hours. She still drinks martinis, but remains lukewarm on caesar salads.