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Ice cream? Check.
Booze? Check.
Colorado-made? Check.

When I first heard about Bootleg Creamery’s alcohol-infused small batch ice cream, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. I mean, I’m a connoisseur of good ice cream anyway — and adding a little alcohol to the mix? And then packaging it in a way that you can eat it outside an ice cream shop? I just wondered why nobody had thought of it sooner!




Well, local liquor store owner Rohit Mukherjee wondered that, too, back in 2016. So he and his girlfriend set out to fill a very obvious void in the market — pints of alcohol-infused ice cream that you can buy in a liquor store and eat in the comfort of your own home.

Bootleg Creamery currently produces four different flavors:

  • Irish Coffee (dark roast coffee-flavored ice cream infused with whiskey and Irish cream, with cookies)
  • Mudslide Moo’d (chocolate ice cream, with vodka, coffee liqueur, and bits of brownie pieces)
  • Piña Moo’lada (pineapple-coconut ice cream infused with dark rum, with pineapple bits and coconut flakes added in)
  • Maple Bourbon (rich bourbon-infused sweet cream, with a swirl of maple syrup)

And for the purposes of this article, I tried the Irish Coffee and Mudslide Moo’d. (I mean, someone had to take one for the team!)

Was it delicious? Yep! Did I get a buzz? A bit. Each pint has a 6.25 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), which is slightly more than the alcoholic content of your average beer.

The Irish Coffee concoction was very rich with a stronger, deeper flavor than the Mudslide, which came across a little lighter, smoother, and sweeter (a sugary, more chocolaty taste). The cookie (Oreo, possibly?) pieces in the Irish Coffee and the brownie bits in the Mudslide were both delectable. I’d highly recommend either of these flavors, though you really need to like coffee to appreciate the Irish Coffee version. 

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The ice cream pints are available in select liquor stores throughout the Front Range, though according to Bootleg’s Facebook page, they’ve become so popular that they’ve had trouble keeping them in stock. (No surprise there!).